Our mission is to educate and empower consumers about one of the most exciting and historical beverage in the world, WINE.

Today more then ever, the U.S market is becoming the epicenter of wine in the world! Not only because the U.S. is one of the major world producers of wine, but also because other wine producing countries find the U.S. market attractive and very appealing.

How, as a consumer, can one take advantage of that?

With some guidance and education about this exciting beverage, you can become a knowledgeable consumer, you will obtain the knowledge to purchase quality wines yet to a more affordable prices both locally and from around the world.

We welcome and encourage you on this adventure to the fascinating world of wine! You will soon become your own “Wine connoisseur” and in the end, wine is the perfect excuse to connect with others, relax, share experiences with family and friends or just take your senses around the world with just one sip….. Salud!