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Awareness of the senses and how to taste wine

In this workshop you’ll re-discover the role of the senses and how fundamental they are in our daily life. This workshop will teach you the techniques of how to unveil the quality and subtlety of wine and perhaps any beverage.

  • The Senses: are we using our senses?
  • Our Sensory System: how it works
  • The Aromas in Wine: how they develop and where they come from

The Art of Wine Tasting

  • Learning the techniques of tasting
  • Retro-Olfaction Technique
  • Common aromas in white wines, champagne and red wines.

Tasting and the Freedom of Choice

  • Tasting wine as an objective practice
  • Choosing wine using the scoring system: Good or bad?
  • The proposal of “objectivity in parenthesis”
  • What is the consumer to do?