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Viticulture I and II, for Wine Aficionados!

Workshop Description:

In the wine world we say that wine is made in the vineyard and that good wine cannot be made without good grapes. This workshop will enhance your understanding of various viticultural aspects such as common pests, diseases, and the role of soil and climate on vineyards. Learning viticultural approaches such as organic, biodynamic, conventional, and understanding the difference between these approaches will help participants connect the quality of their favorite wine with the important role nature plays in forming the delicious nectar you enjoy every day, week, or on special occasions.

Part One – Content

Viticulture I

The Vine Circle: Everything Starts in the Vineyard

  • The role and importance of nature in grape growing
  • Climate, soil, and global warming
  • Different viticultural approaches and their meanings: Conventional, Organic, Sustainable, Biodynamic

Viticulture II

The Vine Circle: Everything Starts in the Vineyards

  • Common pests and diseases in the vineyard
  • The most important pest in history, Queen Phylloxera
  • The cycle of the vineyard; optimal maturity, harvesting, pruning, and dormancy
  • It’s true! “We need good grapes to make good wine”
  • Grape structure, flavors, and aromas 

Part Two – Time to make wine! >