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Wine Making for Aficionados, Parts I and II

Workshop Description:

Making wine is a dream many people have, since wine has an aura of glamour, sophistication, and fun but the reality of making wine is far from the pure idea of glamour. Making wine in fact is very hard work that requires dedication and a great combination of experience with studies. Unfortunately, this workshop will not teach you how to make wine in two or three hours because that is not realistic, but the workshop will give you a great view of what is involved in the winemaking process and which set of decisions the winemaker takes so she/he can accomplish the task of making a great, seductive wine.


Wine Making for aficionados, part I

  • Different types of fermentation
  • The role of yeast and the different types; wild yeast vs. commercial yeast
  • The role of sulfur dioxide
  • Different types of presses and their functions
  • Different types of fermenters, (cement, still, and wood) and the contribution into wine
  • The role of malolactic fermentation in red and white wine
  • The art of blending 

Wine Making for Aficionados, part II

  • Different techniques for alcohol reduction
  • Blockbusters wines; the role of the media and consumers in high octane wine
  • The winemaker rebels of California
  • Understanding of the American Viticultural Areas (A.V.A) what it means for consumers
  • Learning how to read the wine labels in California